Dear Friends,


      The Governor has allowed the opening of Public Pools! 


      We are all very excited about the recent news as I was afraid public pools might be closed for the entire summer!  Gov. Abbott plans to update the current mandates in an Executive Order that will be delivered on May 19th.


      With the good news comes a great deal of precautions and change moving forward, as the COVID-19 issues continue to persist.  As of the writing of this letter, The Pool opening date will remain set on Saturday, May 30th.   As the renovations are in the final stages, we will prepare the grounds and sanitize bathrooms and public areas for your safety and good health. After 6 months of construction, the grounds took a beating due to the amount of heavy equipment needed to complete the work. All the grass behind and next to the diving well is being replaced, the sprinkler system was all but destroyed and is being repaired, and we are cleaning up all the dust, dirt, and heavy grade sand used to sandblast the paint off the pool surface. In addition, our yearly installation of planting materials and adding a fresh coat of paint to the buildings has been delayed due to all the construction.


      During these unprecedented times, there will be adjustments to the operation of The Pool. Presently, in accordance with the state mandate, the number of individuals to enter the pool grounds will be determined by 25% of our normal operating capacity.  Although this ruling will limit the number of folks allowed in the pool grounds each day, we are working on a plan to make the pool available to as many pass holders as possible and, at the same time, honor the social distancing regulations.


      In the next few days, we will post on our web site ( a statement explaining how we will move forward with the 2020 season. Please know, it is our continued goal to provide you and your family a fun, clean, and safe environment at The Pool in Alamo Heights! 


     Thanks for your patience and understanding as we address the many details involved to comply with the “NEW NORMAL”!


      See you at The Pool!


                                                                                                All the best,

                                                                                                The Pool Guy